Best Ayurvedic Syrup for Kidney Stone | Biostone Syrup

Biostone Syrup

Biostone Syrup

Herbal Stone Syrup – Now bid adieu to kidney stones, pain, and irritation with Biostone Syrup delivered by the Best Ayurvedic PCD Company, PrimeVeda. The company has come up with Best Quality Ayurvedic Stone Syrup for PCD Franchise. Biostone Syrup is one of the best remedies to cure and treat kidney stones and the discomfort associated with it. It helps to flush our micro stones from the kidney and provide sustainable relief to the user.

To help the persons suffering from kidney disorders, PrimeVeda composed a Herbal Stone Syrup. This magnificent is made with Self Extracted Herbs. It comes with the amalgamation of natural ingredients such as Daal Kulthi, Manjistha, Varun Chal, etc. The active stone removal properties of this product is what makes it the Best Herbal Kidney Stone Syrup in the Indian market.

Uses of Biostone Syrup | A Herbal Stone Syrup

Formulated using Self Extracted Herbs and with Premium Quality Assurance, PrimeVeda has come up with Top Herbal Strone Syrup for PCD Franchise. It is an 100% herbal product that will eradicate kidney stone. It is recommended to those persons who are facing Kidney disorders, Kidney stones, discomfort, irritation, pain, etc.

  1. Helps to remove kidney stones.
  2. Break down the stone into micro particles and flushes it out.
  3. Blocks the production of stones in the Urinary tract and kidneys.
  4. Provides relief from Kidney pain and discomfort.
  5. Reduces inflammation.
  6. Limits the deposition of harmful oxalic acid in urine.
  7. Normalized urinary pH levels.
  8. Clear kidney and urethra blockage.

Premium Quality Assurance by PrimeVeda

Quality is always its best at the PrimeVeda. We are highly famous in the country for delivering top-quality Ayurvedic Stone Syrup for PCD Franchise. Our quality checking, strict product assessment, and clinical testing enable us to deliver a completely safe and quality assured herbal product such as Biostone Syrup.

The Company uses Self Extracted Herbs and natural ingredients that are rich in mineral and natural properties. We are the only Ayurvedic PCD Company in the country that makes use of self-extracted herbs for product manufacturing.