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Mariemalt Tonic

Mariemalt Tonic

Mariemalt is an Ayurvedic Memory Booster Syrup manufactured by Prime Veda. It contains the properties of all the natural herbs which specialize in maintaining the brain's health and  more importantly boasts the immunity of the body as to fight the unwanted bacteria present in the environment. The aid can be taken by every age group but needs to be served in a limited quantity only. This helps fight the injections and moreover maintains the good health of the cells of the body. If the syrup is consumed in a proper order, it may also keep you energetic and increase the blood flow towards the organs which lack proper functioning , thereby causing certain types of health issues. 

The Ayurvedic Memory Booster Syrup is composed with ingredients namely Ashwagandha, Safed Musli and Shankhpushpi. All the herbs are vitally rich in making the brain health stronger and boosting the memory. This also helps the person in reducing the stress levels and anxiety too. Though the aid is very much beneficial but it has to be taken with the necessary precautions only, such as taking the dose on time, not overdosing on the aid, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, staying away from alcohol and more that will essentially help the person provide the best outcomes in their minimum and period of time. 

It is suggested to consume the Ayurvedic Memory Booster Syrup with the advice of the doctor only so as to avoid the adverse effect as the intake of this product has some of the side effects too such as common nausea, headache, change in taste and bitterness. Though the syrup belongs to the class of ayurvedic drugs therefore the consequence may not be that much severe and noticeably not everyone may undergo the effects. Do not take the dose while you are pregnant or trying to conceive, also giving the syrup to the children has to be on the suggestion of the doctor only and not just increase the intelligence of the child.

Composition of Ayurvedic Memory Booster Syrup

The composition of syrup contains all the natural herbs which benefits the person in its own possible manner.  


The ayurvedic ingredient is used as it specializes in the development of brain health and also repairs the damaged cells . It improves the functioning and also boosts the memory. 

Safed Musli

It has multiple benefits, improves muscle functioning, treats arthritis, maintains a better skin texture and more importantly it also keeps the mind calm and positive.


It not just helps in the maintenance of the memory but also keeps the epilepsy, cures diabetics, purifies blood and a lot more.

Medicinal Benefits of Ayurvedic Memory Booster Syrup 

The benefits of the syrup are mentioned below.

  • Helps in boosting the memory.
  • Improves the functioning of the brain.
  • Reduces the stress levels.
  • Cure the anxiety.
  • Increases intelligence.
  • Repairs the damaged cells of  the brain.

Dose requirement for Ayurvedic Memory Booster Syrup

The dose intake will only be suggested by the doctor and one should only consume the tablets with the suggestion of the doctor only. Not doing so will lead to the adverse effects that may not be very much beneficial for the purposes of health .

Precautions for Ayurvedic Memory Booster Syrup

There are some of the necessary precautions which are required by the person for better outcomes.

  • Consume the suggested quantity only.
  • Do not overdose,
  • Take the syrup bon a fixed time,
  • Do not consume if you are pregnant.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Do not consume alcohol.
  • Follow a healthy diet.

Side Effects of Ayurvedic Memory Booster Syrup

There are some of the side effects of the drug too. 

  • Nausea may be caused.
  • Headache can occur.
  • Digestive Issues may caused.


Keep the  Ayurvedic Memory Booster Syrup in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.

Note -  Ayurvedic Memory Booster Syrup must be consumed for external purposes only.