Herbal Beauty Cream for PCD Franchise | OXYPINK

Herbal Beauty Cream – Formulated with pure natural herbs, this herbal beauty cream is an advanced formula that works by whitening and evening the skin tone. It efficiently promotes fair and glowing skin without any side effects. Available in the market with the brand name OXYPINK, this herbal cream is manufactured and supplied by the Best Herbal Beauty Cream Manufacturer, PrimeVeda.

This Herbal Beauty Cream is an amalgamation of natural ingredients that functions by deeply penetrating into the skin and sloughing off the dead skin cells to promote a radiant complexion. Due to its non-chemical effects, this cream is highly gentle and safe on all skin types.

Benefits of Herbal Beauty Cream

  1. Prevents skin from getting greasy.
  2. Provides a bright glow to the skin.
  3. Reduces the appearance of blemishes.
  4. Fades away the dark patches.
  5. Renew skin cells.
  6. Reduces skin darkness.
  7. Keeps the skin moisturized.
  8. Clears out the dirt on the skin.
  9. Prevents skin from getting tanned.
  10. Improves overall skin texture.

Directions & Instructions for Best Usage

Before you start using Herbal Beauty Cream, you must learn the correct way to use it for better results. Aside from that, look at the instructions given below that you must follow to avoid any uncertain effects on your skin.

  1. Before the application of this cream, make sure to wash your face and hands and apply it on damp skin.
  2. Take a gentle amount of Herbal Beauty Cream on your fingertips and apply it all over the face.
  3. Massage your face with soft hands in a circular motion for about a minute or until completely absorbed into the skin.
  4. Do not rub your face too hard while applying Herbal Beauty Cream.
  5. If you are allergic to herbal products, it is better to avoid the usage of this cream or use it only after consulting your dermatologist.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How Herbal Beauty Cream is safe on the skin?

Herbal Beauty Cream is highly safe on the skin as it does not contain any chemical ingredients, additional synthetic colors, or fragrances that are proven to be harmful to the skin.

  1. Can Herbal Beauty Cream be used for children?

It is better to first ask your doctor before using Herbal Beauty Cream for children.