Herbal Liver, Enzyme & Antacid Syrup | 3G-PRO Syrup

3G-PRO Syrup

3G-PRO Syrup

Herbal Liver, Enzyme & Antacid Syrup – By using Premium Quality Herbs and with Premium Quality Assurance, the best Herbal PCD Company, PrimeVeda has come up with Best Quality Herbal Liver, Enzyme & Antacid Syrup for PCD Franchise. This syrup is very useful and effective in treating all disorders associated with stomach, liver, and digestive symptoms.

This amazing syrup is available with full quality assurance at PrimeVeda by the brand name “3G-PRO Syrup”. Enriched with the goodness of Enzymes, Antacids and Self Extracted Herbs like Bhringraj, Kalmegh, Tusli, Giloy, Jeera, it is one of the Top Ayurvedic Liver, Enzyme & Antacid Syrup for PCD Franchise. Due to its rapid-release formula, it is highly trusted and recommended by experts to treat and cure liver, abdominal and digestive issues.

Uses of Herbal Liver, Enzyme & Antacid Syrup

Available by the brand name 3G-PRO Syrup, this Ayurvedic Liver Syrup helps the patient to get quick and sustainable relief from liver disorders and stomach issues. It is recommended for treating the following conditions:

  1. Liver Issues.
  2. Stomach Disorders.
  3. Digestive problems.
  4. Gas.
  5. Bloating.
  6. Belching.
  7. Stomach discomfort.

Benefits of Herbal Liver, Enzyme & Antacid Syrup

With our hard work and dedication, we have come up with a Herbal Liver Syrup that provides the following benefits:

  1. Protects the liver from infections.
  2. Accelerates metabolism.
  3. Helps in jaundice and hepatitis.
  4. Improves and enhances liver functioning.
  5. Cirrhosis of the liver.
  6. Promotes cell regeneration.
  7. Provide protection to the liver against alcohol consumption.

Self Extracted Herbs Used by PrimeVeda

We are India’s first Ayurvedic PCD Company that manufactures its products using Self Extracted Herbs. Our products come with the goodness of Ayurveda and possess the best shelf-life. Additionally, the Premium Quality Assurance provided by PrimeVeda assures enhanced security and safety of the product.